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Welcome to Product of the North

March 17, 2016

Welcome to Product of the North

Hello, and welcome to Product of the North! Our website is up and running, and we are so excited for you to learn more about our brand and product. Here is a little bit about our story. Product of the North was conceived through the simple idea of making relevant and timeless pieces that reflect the culture and style of today’s parents. Forever inspired by a mother’s soft touch and a father’s rugged hand, we curate each product to embody this sense of emotion. Product of the North isn’t just a name, it is a belief that every baby is a product of heaven, which is why we honor this gift with our brand name, Product of the North. Our focus and vision is to provide quality crafted product that parents can be proud of and continue to use well after their baby is grown and developed. From the humble beginnings of a new parent, to the well adapted mother and father, Product of the North wants to be there to help you along the way.

But, who are we, really? We are, Adam and Dawn Rode. We moved to Southern California in 2011 and realized that even though the Pacific Northwest was our original home, there was something about the fresh ocean breeze and bright sunny skies that just felt right. As we quickly fit into this new environment, we realized that there was something still missing. As we continued to hit brick walls, we finally realized that what we really wanted was in the palm of our own precious hands, our talents. We wanted something to call our own, and within a matter of months, Product of the North was born. With Adam's background in bag design, and Dawn's background in administration, we were able to pull our heads together to produce something that we feel passionate about and that we feel will really benefit new mothers and fathers alike. We have two beautiful children, Niko and Lita, and they might have had something to do with the overall concept.

Your support is important to us! We appreciate you taking the time to check out our monthly newsletter and for sharing it with your friends and family. We hope to take newborn bags to an entirely new level for both women and men.