We are partners, parents, and visionaries with one goal in mind: to change the way the world handles parenting by nixing gender-based standards and taking steps to keep your baby safe while saving the planet and reducing our carbon footprint. We hope to make the beautiful, messy, rewarding, and life-changing journey of parenthood easier for parents across the globe by offering them modern diaper bags that meet their needs, keep their babies safe, and make their lives less chaotic. From trips to the doctor to hikes in the forest and everything in between, we hope to make this chapter of your life, as parents, the most meaningful and present one yet. By worrying less about your diapering and parenting essentials and more about relishing in the moments with your child, you can help us turn our vision into the most world-changing, Earth-saving reality yet. We are so glad you’re here. From our family to yours, welcome to our tribe!


Founder. Logistics Guru. World-Changing Mama. Earth-Loving Visionary.

When it comes to leading the pack, Dawn is often found holding the reigns. From shipping out the latest orders with care to toting her two precious kids to school, Dawn is the definition of a world-class working mom. In fact, her first pregnancy is what lead to the creation of Product of the North. Endlessly searching for the perfect baby bag felt impossible, so she decided it was time to put Adam’s professional skills to the test and build a family-changing business from the ground up. Not to mention, she was tired of the gender biases that the baby industry has long since put on families. She believes in following a modern approach to raising kids and planting the seed for the next generation of children to break down outdated gender barriers. She is a firm believer in the idea that parenting is about teamwork, not about specific gender-based duties.

Dawn is a sustainability queen and a fashionista at heart with a deep admiration for growing a business that changes the world. When she’s not coming up with the next greatest diaper bag idea or sharing her love for parents and the planet across social media, she can be found exploring and embracing all the natural beauty that can be found in the PNW with her family and favorite pup, Lola.


Founder. Trendsetting Bag Designer. Hands-on Dad. Passionate Creative.

When we think of a creative visionary, Adam fits the bill. From his extensive experience working with big-name brands like Nike, Nixon, and Igloo, he understands and embraces every step of the creative process when it comes to creating the next innovative bag. Adam specializes in backpacks, bags, travel gear, leather goods, headwear, gloves, and apparel which translates perfectly into his role as a father who wants to create everyday gear for modern parents like himself. Working closely with Dawn, Team Rode is all about bringing change to the parenting world for good. Nixing the idea that parenting has gender-based roles, Adam understands the importance of creating parent-friendly items that make sense in the everyday lives of parents, no matter who comprises your household dynamic.

Walking hand-in-hand with his love for product design, Adam has a deep love for the planet, which he wholeheartedly brought forward in all of his POTN designs. Creating a future with a safe and thriving planet for our children is at the top of his priority list.

When Adam’s not tapping into his creative genius, he can be found enjoying nature, no matter the season, and spending time with his wonderful family.


Mama’s Boy. Roblox Lover. Adventure Seeker. Cool Brother.

Even though he’s still in the single digits as far as age goes, Chief Fun Officer and certified mama’s boy Niko is all about seeking out the next adventure and keeping active. You can often find him wheeling through the neighborhood on his scooter, catching some serious air on his trampoline, or enjoying a dip in the pool to get his wiggles out during the summer months. No matter what he’s up to, there’s one thing that remains the same: he’s having fun and enjoying the moment, especially when his sister, Lita, joins him.

When he’s enjoying a bit of downtime from his adventure and schoolwork, he can be found playing with his favorite Roblox figurines or building the latest, greatest Lego kit.

His admiration of the planet passed down from his Earth-loving parents is already in full bloom. He believes we need to protect the planet, pick up trash and teach others about the importance of being Earth-friendly because this is our home, and we have to take care of where we live for us and everyone else here, animals included.

What’s more charming than an Earth-loving, mama-cuddling adventure boy? We couldn’t think of anything either. What we do know is this: the world is better because Niko is in it.


Kind-hearted Daughter. Generous Sister. Talented Dancer. Imaginative Creative.

At such a young age, Lita is a force to be reckoned with. She has an infinitely giving heart overflowing with kindness and compassion for people and the planet. She is a talented dancer and pianist who finds joy in expressing herself through piano keys and acrobatic and hip-hop dances. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and singing her latest favorite songs.

Lita takes after her dad, Adam, and leads with a creative mindset, finding immense passion in being crafty. Although her love of creativity runs deep, she would love to be a teacher when she’s older.

The world means a lot to Lita already. She enjoys the changes of season and can often be found alongside her brother Niko enjoying the breeze in her hair from riding her scooter. Nature is her thing, just like her mama. She takes delight in spending time outdoors and makes the most out of the space she’s in by tapping into her enormous imagination.


Snuggle Partner. Proud Rescue. Sassy Lady. Sun Lover.

Lola is the fifth member of the Rode family and fully falls into the category of “the pup who rescued us.” Although we technically rescued her from an owner who relinquished their rights to her at the Art Walk in Leucadia, California, we couldn’t imagine what life would be like without her by our side. Especially Adam, since she loves to follow him around the house constantly.

She is a certified sass queen who loves to take long walks around the block in her stroller, bask in the sun, and remind us, often, that belly rubs are required before snuggling commences.

Lola is the pug of all pugs and holds the key to our hearts.