Our Ambassadors are World-Changing

No matter what path they explore, Product of the North ambassadors have one thing in common: they are world-changing parents who believe how they navigate the world around them should help our planet.

Creative Innovators

Creative people envision a brighter, more colorful world and fiercely move forward to create one. POTNs creative innovators are inspired to create a cleaner, more vibrant future for their children and use their gifts for the good of the planet.

Sustainability advocate

Our sustainability advocates follow a take-on-the-world approach to their daily world-saving adventures, both big and small. From using eco-friendly products to finding sustainable solutions throughout their everyday lives, our sustainability advocates do whatever it takes to care for the planet.

Adventure Seekers

Our adventure seekers are all in when it comes to exploring all that Mother Earth has to offer. From a local hike at their favorite mountain to a lakeside adventure. With immense gratitude and respect, natural exploration is one of the best ways to enjoy the planet with one another.

who they are

How we work together

We Raise Our Authentic Voice

We come from different backgrounds with one common denominator: we believe in the mission and vision of Product of the North and adore the products they create for parents and growing families.

We Use Sustainable Products

We Use Sustainable Products To Advocate for A Better World. While we can’t change the world overnight, our choices can impact the lives of all for the better.

We Inspire Families Like Yours.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether we’re raising our own families, celebrating families we love, or growing a family, we believe in inspiring people of all ages and family dynamics.