Q - Where is Product of the North based?

We are proudly based in Tacoma, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  

Q - Who founded Product of the North?

Husband and wife duo, Dawn and Adam, are the founders and owners of Product of the North. We are small but growing independent business. When we were about to have our first baby, we noticed that there weren't any diaper bags that worked for both moms and dads, and we set out to change that! Check out our About Us page for more info. 

Q - Are your diaper bags waterproof?

All Product of the North bags are water resistant. 

Q - Are your products made from recycled material?

Yes, our products are made from recycled water bottles! Check out our Sustainability page to learn more about the materials used for Product of the North diaper bags. 

Q - How should I clean my diaper bag?

The best way to clean your diaper bag is to hand wash it with mild soap and warm water.

Q - What does POTN mean? 

POTN means "Product of the North." Sometimes we use it as a shorthand way to refer to our brand. 

Q - Where are your products manufactured?