5 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas for More Mindful Gift Giving

5 Eco-Friendly Wrapping  Ideas for More Mindful Gift Giving

Ready to make gifting greener this holiday season? Too often, we get caught up in our excitement of picking out the perfect presents for family and friends without considering the environmental impact of what's wrapped inside, or what it's wrapped in. As the holiday season approaches, so too does its incredible wastefulness. 

But fear not - if you're looking to give with a lighter footprint while still putting big smiles on those special people's faces, here are five creative eco-friendly wrapping ideas to add mindful soul and style to your gift-giving — and don't forget some childhood creativity when it comes time to decorate those presents without leaving any extra scrap behind!

1. Au Naturel

adornments such as twigs of evergreen

Embrace the festive season with a guilt-free, earth-friendly approach to gift wrapping! Rather than using synthetic ribbons and bows, why not take inspiration from nature to create unique adornments such as twigs of evergreen, holly berries, and pine cones - you can even repurpose that vintage brooch by pinning it onto the wrapping paper! There's no need to worry about waste since these items all have been reused and can, hopefully, be recycled. Use discarded materials; save those bows on everyday purchases in an empty drawer for reuse later.

2. Brown Kraft Paper 

Recycled paper

Why settle for ordinary gift wrapping when you can create something unique and personal? Invest in some rustic flair, like kraft postal paper from an art store or craft supply shop. Your wrapping will be held together snugly without needing tape thanks to its texture; tie it off with a ribbon! Finally, if you're feeling extra adventurous or looking to make the gifts a little more unique and personal, dress your depot of wraps by embellishing them with drawings, hand-written messages, or sprucing plain white paper with stamped designs.

3. A Gift Inside a Gift

Treat your loved ones to a memorable experience like never before with an eco-friendly gift bag! Of course, a multi-purpose bag can make an ideal outer layer, but why not up your gifting game by throwing in tickets to an exciting location or event? Instead of traditional wrapping, upgrade the look and feel by placing those special items in something unique. Put tickets into a stylish Hip Pack so they can use it at their outing - making for one truly unforgettable present. Not only will you give them what's inside, but you will also leave lasting memories in one bundled package!

4. Recycle Boxes

Recycled Boxes

Instead of wasting money purchasing new boxes, this is the perfect opportunity to scour your home for recycled packaging materials. All year round, save tissue paper sheets and packing paper given in online orders - they can be reused as eco-friendly gift wrap during holiday time! You may also find bubble wrap received with meal kits, which create an exciting festive wrapping alternative. Then, rummage through all the previously saved-up gift boxes or other recyclable cardboard delivery containers at home. With holiday shopping going digital, use the gift-wrapping materials from all your online purchases wisely - reuse them instead. Before buying additional boxes for gifting this season:

  1. Look around the house and get creative with what you already have.
  2. Imagine wrapping presents in last year's tissue paper sheets or toppling items on a thick layer of reflective bubble wrap.
  3. Save these eco-friendly goodies throughout the year so that when it comes time to make those unique seasonal gifts come Christmas morning, everything is ready and waiting right at home!
  4. Use discarded materials; save those bows on everyday purchases in an empty drawer for reuse later.

5. Furoshiki

Embrace the ancient tradition of Furoshiki with modern, eco-friendly linen! Furoshiki involves using lovely decorative fabrics as a sustainable way to wrap presents. Believe me, when I say - you won't have any trouble finding gorgeous fabrics that will make every recipient feel special. Skip single-use paper ribbons and bows - instead, breathe new life into older clothes items by transforming them into trendy gift wraps that offer a unique look that won't just wrap your presents in beautiful artistry; you can use them over again for worry-free gifting any time of year. Give thoughtful gifts that keep giving: sustainable fabric wrapping is fast to assemble (less than 5 minutes!), easy on the environment, and downright gorgeous!

No matter your reasons for eco-friendly gift-giving, we hope this guide has helped make your holiday season more sustainable. From all of us here at Product of the North, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! If you're looking for more tips on living sustainably, follow us - we'll be back with more content after the New Year. In the meantime, tell us: what are some of your favorite sustainable gifts to give (or receive)?

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