Chasing Warmth: Exploring North Carolina's Only Hot Spring with Ambassador Erin Gallimore

Chasing Warmth: Exploring North Carolina's Only Hot Spring with Ambassador Erin Gallimore

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we venture into the heart of North Carolina's natural wonders. Our ambassador, Erin Gallimore, along with her adventurous family, recently set out to explore the state's hidden gem—the only mineral hot spring in North Carolina. Join us as we dive into their experience through a fun filled Q&A session that delves deep into their adventure. From the soothing hot waters to the picturesque surroundings, get ready to be inspired by their journey.

Father and son hiking near a river

Q: What inspired you to choose the Hot Spring Campground in North Carolina for your recent trip?

A: We moved from Washington State to North Carolina earlier this year. After getting settled into our new house, we finally felt like we had the space to go camping. We had hiked near Hot Springs earlier in the summer and saw the campground. Our favorite way to find new places to explore is to scout on trips, and then come back to the location.

Q: Can you describe the natural beauty and surroundings of the campground and the hot springs?

A: Hot Springs is about an hour from Asheville, North Carolina. It is nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smokey mountains. It sits next to the French Broad River. Southern Appalachia is actually a temperate rain forest, so there is lush green vegetation everywhere. 

Father and son hiking in the woods.  Dad is wearing a sustainable Olive Elkin Diaper Bag

Q: What were some of your favorite activities or experiences during your stay at the campground?

A: You can choose from cabins, river front camp sites or campsites up in the woods. They have bathrooms, showers, and running water for campers. You can also access the river from the campground to float or swim. Across the street is the natural mineral hot springs. It was our favorite activity to go soak in the warm tubs in the morning. 

Q: Were there any unique features or hidden gems you discovered in the area?

A: The mineral bath is very unique. It is the only hot spring in North Carolina. There is also wonderful access to hikes- we recommend Lovers Leap and the Laurel River Trail. The town of Hot Springs has a few restaurants and shops. We recommend the town coffee shop. 

A variety of Product of the North bags stacked on top of each other

Q: How would you recommend preparing for a visit to the Hot Spring Campground for first-time visitors?

A: Pack the bug spray! There are a lot more bugs here than in Washington state.

Q: Did you encounter any wildlife or have any interesting wildlife sightings during your trip?

A: We encountered a snake along the Laurel River Trail and lots of spiders, ants, and mosquitoes at the camp ground. There are also a lot of mountain animals, like bears, if you venture into the woods here.

Dad soaking in a mineral hot spring soaking tub in North Carolina

Q: Were there any particular moments or experiences that made your trip truly memorable?

A: Soaking in the mineral tubs was a truly memorable experience. You reserve a private tub by the hour. It sits next to the river or a creek and is very relaxing. We had a great time with our family, but you can also enjoy this experience as a romantic couple or with a group of friends too. 

Q: How did the hot springs contribute to your overall camping experience?

A: Soaking in the hot springs on a cool morning made camping even more fun! 

Erin Gallimore with carrying her son

Q: Can you share any insights or stories about the local culture or community you encountered during your visit?

A: The local culture is very friendly and hosts hikers and campers from all over, visiting the area and hiking the trails. 

As we wrap up this Q&A, we are left with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of North Carolina, and a sense of wanderlust that we hope to fulfill in our own explorations. Thank you, Erin, for taking us on this virtual journey. Your adventure is an inspiration for those seeking hidden gems right in their own backyards.