The Expanded Product of the North Fall/Winter Collection

The Expanded Product of the North Fall/Winter Collection

From new hues to textural layering, our Fall/Winter Collection boasts earthy combos perfect for all seasons. In the Pacific Northwest, clouds are a frequent companion to any day outdoors, especially during dreary winter, but not all days are lost under clouds. Some days, like the one you see below, the sun beckons us outdoors.

This juxtaposition of blue skies one day and cloud-covered the next has inspired our Fall/Winter line. So if you're looking to spruce up your daily dress for the colder months, look no further. To showcase our newest collection, thoughtfully curated to support the parenting journey with or without kids, we've called on Lindsay and Ejay. 

Coastal Cool

With a colorway that seamlessly transitions its wearer from fall into winter, the Pacific Pack's understated color combination is a cool-toned take on a classic backpack and a fusion of two of our favorite crisp and calm colors. It evokes images of the Puget Sound by using ocean-inspired tones like deep ocean black and light seaside blue. We've injected our "less is more" design philosophy into this diaper bag for the modern parent. It's a breath of fresh air for your next day at the beach, where the only thing on the agenda is to unwind under the all-too-rare autumn sun.


Hazelnut Daze

This Hazelnut colorway on our Elkin Diaper Bag Backpack is a fantastic example of how neutral doesn't need to mean boring. The warm tones create a swaddling effect that feels playful but not over-the-top or loud. The texture of the wool ties in perfectly with the vegan leather embossed zip closures and keeps a level of continuity. A mix of textures is a great way to add style points to your outfit, even with a dialed-down color palette. This beautiful combo brings to mind warm sunsets on cold winter evenings and the autumn foliage that lines the walkway to our favorite coffee shop, inviting you to be folded into the best of the season.

Color Coordinated

Welcome the colder months with the brightness of this new color combination that, by looking at it, begs to offer you respite from the winter chill. A touch of Saffron instantly transforms this Pacific Pack. It brings an unmatched sense of style that, when paired with the perennially stylish Navy, pulls the look together for a classic and sophisticated everyday look. Together, they create a scheme that lends warmth and energy to any parenting style, along with reinforced seams and straps for durability, designed to look great on everyone. So why shy away from a pop of color when it does so much to brighten the mood?


Modern Minimalist

Rich olive hues, saffrons, refreshing sea tones, all nature-inspired colors of our stylish new Hip Packs. Each delivers its particular appeal and is selected to give the wearer a choice—a more minimalist dialed-down color palette or brighter selections that showcase the beauty of going for bold. Featured on Lindsay is a light blue color that goes by the name "Trooper," which is perfect for all seasons and truly heavenly on the eyes. It's the neutral yet unique color we can't help but adore on a pack that reminds us that less is more. Crossbody or around your waist, remember, it's for you to decide.


Sophisticated Shade

Embracing a tranquil aesthetic to full effect, this wonderfully moody colorway features sumptuous, cooling shades that are both relaxing and glamorous. Those who love a classic combination will swoon over the choice of either Black or Navy. Both are offset beautifully by the vegan leather details and antique brass features—adding a touch of warmth to these classic, go-with-everything colors. In addition, these timeless Stroller Straps allow you to easily clip your diaper bag backpack onto your stroller, adding just that extra chic touch to your everyday bag.


Earthy Energy

While brighter colors are fun and exciting, they are harder to pair. Therefore, many parents often prefer a more subdued and minimalistic-looking bag that errs on the timeless side. Suppose you refuse to forgo color but lean towards toned-down nature-inspired hues—our easy-on-the-eyes olive bags give the wearer a put-together and sophisticated look while remaining the down-to-earth answer to an every-day-carry. If this describes you, take inspiration for your next Diaper Bag from The Alden Weekender or the Elkin Diaper Bag Backpack in the colorway Forest.

If you feel drawn to this color palette and would like to incorporate it into your everyday carry, we encourage you to explore our full line here. Let us know which bag is your favorite in the comments below, and we can recommend something complementary for you.

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