Meet our 2023 Parents Of The North

Meet our 2023 Parents Of The North

We recognize that stewardship must be passed down through generations, which is why these POTN Ambassadors, otherwise known as Parents Of The North, have been handpicked for exemplifying passion and concern for the planet-- ensuring it shines on far into the future! They are an inspiring group of parents helping us build something truly special: a shared love for the planet and a commitment towards sustainability. 

As parents, we strive to give our children the best possible start in life. We work hard so that they can follow an uplifting path and feel empowered by their future journeys. But it's not just about creating a safe environment; part of parenthood is also allowing them to experience trials and tribulations as they find their own way through this world - scraping knees along the way! When all is said and done, The Parents of North are united by one simple thing: our love for both our kids and Mother Nature.

At POTN, we know first-hand that parenthood is a life-changing experience, but it doesn't strip us of our passions, relationships, and all that makes us US! Our ambassadors aim to inspire others through their stories, tips, and photos. So join us as they embark on an exciting, adventure-filled journey - all while making the world a better place for all. 

Lo Rivas // Houston, TX

IG: @lorivas7

From professional soccer player to division 1 college soccer coach, Lo understands the importance of perseverance, optimism, and adventure– all great traits to have as a new mom.

Lo and her husband Eldred became first-time parents in 2022 and love to describe their own family as wild, competitive, hospitable, adventurous, fun, and loud! They love to hike, camp, glamp, adventure outside, and compete. Glacier National Park is her favorite place to spend the day in a perfect world. Realistically though, she can often be found with coffee at a local Houston park.

As a parent, Lo’s greatest triumph is navigating pregnancy without her mother, who passed away four years ago. Although challenging, she is proud of herself for being willing to feel the grief that comes with not having her mom in this season. 

The one trait she would love to instill in her child is confidence. Her parents always made her feel like she could do whatever she put her mind to. She says, “They gave me the confidence to move to a different country for college, to say yes to pro soccer in Iceland, and adventure all over the world! I’m so thankful!”

As a new parent, choosing Product of the North for her baby gear was a no-brainer. She says, “I love sustainable brands that are healthy for me, my baby, my husband, and the planet! I believe we are responsible for stewarding our resources well. I love that POTN allows me to have high-quality baby and adventure gear while still being a responsible steward!”

Lo’s Go-To POTN Gear:


Lyndsey Bull // Morgan, UT

IG: @lilbull

Lyndsey is outnumbered in her house full of boys, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

A boy mom of two, her favorite place to spend a day would be anywhere in the world with her family, including her husband Chris, sons Wyatt and Griffin, and her two dogs, Eddie and Doc.

When asked what it takes to balance her adventurous life with motherhood, she says what a lot of us parents have been thinking for a while, “those who think life is balance are lying.” The best part of juggling it all is having the support of her husband. She says, “he’s amazing, and I couldn’t do it without him.” Strong partnerships are the key to making life sweeter and easier for sure. 

When Lyndsey is not spending time with the ones she loves, you can find her outdoors. There may be nothing better than shredding snow on her favorite mountains in the colder months. 

As a working mom, she adores her job and believes she’s found the perfect mix of providing fulfilling work and aligning with her passions and values. She says, “Working in marketing in the action sports and outdoor industry has been a great way to pursue my career passionately. I started in the surf industry in California for Quiksilver and Oniel, then to Skullcandy, and now I'm the Director of Brand Marketing at Kodiak Cakes. It's kind of been a dream ride.”

Her unwavering piece of mom advice? Raise them kind, confident and adventurous. We couldn’t agree more. 

Lyndsey’s Go-To POTN Gear:


Alyssa Snyder // Murrieta, CA

IG: @snyderryder

A self-proclaimed hippy soul, Alyssa is an adventure seeker to her core.

When she’s not spending time with her husband or son Krew, she can be found at her day job as a flight attendant, riding BMX bikes, or snowboarding. Her favorite part about her job is traveling the world and bringing her family along for the ride.

She would love to adventure everywhere and tries to travel with her son as much as possible to show him that there is so much more out there. 

As any parent knows, traveling with a toddler is not always the easiest, but she loves instilling a sense of adventure in him and hearing him share stories about their trips. As a family, their two favorite spots to spend their free time are up in the mountains or at the beach, longboarding, and bike riding.

Outside of becoming a mom, her greatest accomplishment includes being a sponsored BMX rider ranked nationally and racing in Australia, representing the United States, where she took home third in the world for her national age group. 

Although her son is no longer in diapers, she can’t get enough of the POTN diaper bag backpacks– they’re versatile and fit everything her family needs on their adventures.

When asked why she chooses POTN over other brands, she says, “it’s important to choose sustainable brands. It’s the best thing I can do to try and leave behind a better world for my son and future generations.”

Alyssa’s Go-To POTN Gear:


Sierra Roundy // University Place, WA

IG: @sunshineroundy

To Sierra, family is all about love and adventure. The self-proclaimed Roundy Rangers include husband Blake, son Theodore, and daughter Sophronia. This fun bunch loves to laugh a lot, wrestle, work together, and go on adventures big and small!

When she’s not “momming,” Sierra can be found doing her favorite things– reading or hiking. One of her biggest a-ha moments was realizing that she and Blake didn’t have to stop enjoying the outdoors because of the kids but could bring them along for the adventure. Her favorite outdoor spots include the mountains, beach, or lake. 

Sierra is motivated and inspired by her husband, who loves to learn new things and has never given up on his hobbies. Her next big goals include learning to skateboard and finishing her physical training education. 

As we all know, parenting comes with many highs and lows. For Sierra, her biggest challenge was overcoming postpartum depression. She credits her husband for helping her through it. Her greatest mom accomplishment? Instilling a deep love of reading and the outdoors in her children. Next up on their adventure list includes exploring Yosemite and Hawaii.

While there may be other family-centered diaper bag companies, Sierra’s choice was simple when opting for POTN. She will continue to choose POTN, “because we only have one earth, we should take care of it!” We couldn’t agree more. 

Sierra’s Go-To POTN Gear:


We’re thrilled to have such an amazing inaugural group of Parents of the North. In the coming months, they’ll show that parenthood, family adventure, and planet stewardship can go hand-in-hand. Their stories, tips, and photos will, no doubt, inspire all of us to do our part in preserving the planet for future generations. Follow the journey on our social media channels Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

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