Creating Space for the Eco-Friendly Parent: The Story of Product of the North, Inc.

Creating Space for the Eco-Friendly Parent:  The Story of Product of the North, Inc.

When founders Adam and Dawn Rode were coming upon a new life chapter as soon-to-be parents, they found themselves checking off their baby needs list, as most other couples do, in preparation for their upcoming arrival.

As they made their way through the bottles, diapers, clothing, and bedding needs, they eventually landed upon the all-too-needed diaper bag. The must-have parental accessory is packed full of home essentials for those moments when one decides to venture out. 

The diaper bags are where they hit a big snag. With options like floral and brightly colored designs for moms or tactical and complicated options for dads (few and far between), there was no happy medium for parents of their era. They instantly wondered why there were no gender-neutral based bags that both moms and dads could use together.

One bag is generally a lot easier than switching between two, so there must be something that encompasses an all-in-one option for both parents to happily wear and use for the long term. Unfortunately, after a lot of research and shopping, they came up short. 

With a need and want to make the parenting world a more inclusive place and the experience to do so, Product of the North was fruitfully born in the Evergreen State.

Adam & Dawn Rode sitting on a beach with their daughter

The creation of a modern, gender-neutral brand.

With vast experience in the apparel industry, Adam Rode knew that if he couldn’t find a diaper bag solution on the market, he would have to go all-in and create one from the ground up. Both Adam and Dawn believed their vision would not only help their family but millions of others across the globe. A diaper bag is an essential parenting staple used for months to years on end. It should be simple, versatile, useful for both parents, and eco-friendly.

This husband and wife duo always knew they wanted to start a business together but never had a genuine need until they felt affected by a market pitfall. So, with market-leading experience, a solidified end goal, and a lot of faith, they began their journey toward building a meaningful company.

Product of the North’s unyielding mission is to produce timeless and sustainable diaper bags for modern parents without sacrificing the environment.  As a company, they value comfortable, eco-friendly products that go beyond gender-based designs and save parents time while saving the planet. 

Leading the industry through a more functional approach.

Now a well-established brand in the parenting industry, Product of the North has made its mark by differentiating itself from the competition. They believe in creating space for the eco-friendly parent hoping to save the planet while making their daily lives more intentional and organized.

As they continue to survey their competitors, they still notice the same issues when looking for a diaper bag; most bags are suited for women and provide only one short-term function: toting diapers and bottles. Product of the North believes in delivering quality products that grow with the child and:

  • Provide a modern, gender-neutral design so that both parents can feel comfortable using the bag;
  • Offer a bag that's sustainable and safe for the environment;
  • Provide organization and functionality that's needed for the daily grind of parenting.

Sage green Elkin diaper bag backpack sitting on a rock in front of evergreen trees

Sustainability is at the heart of the company. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Adam and Dawn live for the outdoors. They enjoy all that the world around them has to offer and are raising their children, Niko and Lita, to embrace their surroundings too. Tapping into their love for the planet, they knew they wanted to provide the most eco-friendly options available when creating a company. They are avid supporters of encouraging a more eco-friendly mindset for the betterment of the world as a whole. 

When they began designing their line of bags, they started by sampling bluesign® certified products made of recycled materials. Instantly, they were blown away by the quality. They also loved that, with this material, they would be making a difference in the world by choosing safe options for parents, their babies, and the environment.  Together, this made all the difference for them. 

As parents themselves, Adam and Dawn, understand that the entire purpose of a diaper bag is to carry the necessities for a new human life. They recognize that children are our future. Product of the North wants to make sure that, as a company, they can help sustain our planet for them because they truly deserve the world. 

Adam & Dawn standing behind their children Niko & Lita with blue sky and forest in background

A future your children will be proud of. 

As Product of the North continues to grow and evolve in the parent mobility market, they have big plans for their future. From travel to everyday needs, including youth carrying options, they hope to make their mark on the world while making it a more environmentally conscious place for all. 

The newest addition to POTN’s product line is the XO Collection, which includes the following products:

From airport adventures and road trips to hikes and campouts, Product of the North has got you covered with eco-friendly products that help a growing family stay more organized, so they have more time to enjoy the beauty of the world around them.