Six years and still going strong: A celebration of our company

Six years and still going strong: A celebration of our company

Happy Birthday to us! It's been six years since we started working on this business together. Time flies when you're having fun! We're so grateful to have had the chance to do what we love these past few years and can't wait to see what the future holds. Below is a letter from our founders. 

A Letter From Our Founders

It's our birthday!  For the last 6 years we have been building the brand of our dreams.  POTN started off as a simple idea to start a bag business, and we never imagined we'd find ourselves where we are now. 

From the early days of designing shoulder totes and navigating our identity, to building eco-friendly backpacks and finding our true tribe of people who resonate with our sustainability efforts and desire to make the world a better place - we are so incredibly humbled.  We are truly thankful for all of the many relationships we've built along the way.  These relationships put together the many pieces of our puzzle, to build a beautiful piece of art, and we are in awe.  

To our customers, thank you for putting your trust into our brand, for supporting small business, your commitment to sustainability and helping to make a brighter future for our children.  We are your biggest cheerleaders as you raise your beautiful tribe of people, and we've got your back, quite literally!   

So cheers!!! We raise our glass to you, our amazing staff and the future of Product of the North!  

—Dawn & Adam


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