What's in Your Sling For Spring? Hip Pack Essentials for the Modern Parent

What's in Your Sling For Spring? Hip Pack Essentials for the Modern Parent

Ah, the unmistakable scent of blossoming flowers and the gentle caress of the warm breeze can only mean one thing - spring is in the air! And with it brings new adventures for your family. As parents, it's important to be prepared when heading out the door – but that doesn't mean every adventure calls for a backpack filled to the brim. That's why our Hip Packs are such an essential part of any parent’s wardrobe: they provide enough room for all the essentials while still keeping you nimble. But what exactly should you keep inside your Hip Pack? In this blog post, we'll uncover the top items every parent should have in their sling this spring, including some tips from Parents of the North, Lo, and Sierra! 

Baby with sunglasses

Sunglasses, Phone, Wallet, Keys

Though this blog is specifically about spring, one must never forget the 4 season traveling companions: sunglasses, phone, wallet, and keys. So, as you set forth to your spring escapades, and wholeheartedly embrace the essence of the season, don’t forget to pack your time-honored companions. 

Family on the beach


As you embark on your latest outdoor escapade, it's crucial that you arm yourself with this skin-saving staple: sunscreen. Tucking that sun-shielding elixir into your Hip Pack isn't just practical; it's a nod to your expert preparedness. So bask in the sunlight knowing that a reapplication is less than arm's length away – just be sure to choose a sunscreen that is safe for children and has a high SPF.

Sunscreen spraying on arm

Insect repellent

Spring is the season of blooming flowers, chirping birds, and unfortunately, buzzing insects. Nothing quite dampens the spirits during a spring adventure like the persistent presence of these tiny, uninvited guests. Ever left an idyllic spot with unsightly souvenirs of red, itchy bite marks? With a small bottle of repellent securely stowed in your Hip Pack, you can revel in your exploits without worry, leaving you free to frolic and savor the beauty of spring! Again, choose a repellent that is safe for children.

Getting ready to go on a bike

First aid kit

Before you venture forth into the picturesque landscapes, don’t forget the lesser-sung hero of any adventure: the first aid kit. Be prepared by packing a small first aid kit in your Hip Pack with items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers for removing splinters. A well-stocked first aid kit travels alongside you, quietly and reliably –  and when things run amok and you find yourself in a scrape – which, let's face it, won't be entirely surprising, given the fact that you’re traveling with kids – your trusty first aid kit will swoop in and save the day.

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Exploring nature can be tiring, and hunger can quickly set in. Pack some snacks in your hip pack to keep everyone fueled up and energized. Granola bars, trail mix, and fruit are great options. In this wondrous season of exploration and excitement, packing a flavorful and nutritious arsenal of treats is the ultimate strategy to ensure that their energy and spirits remain sky-high while they conquer playgrounds and parks aplenty. With your expert snack-planning skills, your tiny troops remain one bite away from their next win - and your sanity, is safely intact.

Left: Lo Rivas/Right: Sierra Roundy

Now, let’s ask our ambassadors what they’re keeping in their Hip Pack this spring!

So, what color of Hip Pack do you plan to use this spring?

Lo Rivas:  The trooper-it’s the perfect spring blue!! 

Sierra Roundy: Hazelnut or Navy!

What items do you always keep in your hip pack?

Lo Rivas: My wallet, sunglasses, keys, chapstick & my holy grail: a burp cloth!! 

Sierra Roundy: Wallet, phone, chapstick, and AirPods.

What are your favorite features of the Hip Pack that make it convenient to wear and store your items?

Lo Rivas: The outside pocket that makes my phone accessible *chef’s kiss* 

Sierra Roundy: It's just a little bigger than the more popular hip packs so I can fit more in if needed. Perfect for wipes, snacks, etc. 

Do you ever find yourself needing a larger bag or backpack for extra storage capacity, or does the Hip Pack meet all of your storage needs for this season?

Lo Rivas: As a new mom I’m terrified of being unprepared so I ALWAYS have my Elkin diaper bag with me!! 

Sierra Roundy: If we're going on a full-day adventure the pacific backpack is perfect or if we're going to be going on a trip the Elkin is our jam. 


What advice would you offer about choosing and using a Hip Pack this spring?

Lo Rivas: Everyone needs a black one to start & then go for colors! It’s so helpful to keep all your go-to things in one place and when you tighten the straps it makes it kid friendly!!! So cute!!

Sierra Roundy: Just do it. I know some people don't like the look but it's just too convenient for moms to not use it. 

Are you going on any adventures this spring that the Hip Pack will be a must-have? 

Lo Rivas: Can I say every adventure? Work, errands, day trips, beach trips, & especially our big PNW Campervan trip!!! 

Sierra Roundy: Hikes, parks, all travel. Everyday!

bags stacked on top of each other at the beach

So as the days start to get longer and the weather begins to warm up, we hope your taking advantage of this season and all it has to offer. By stocking our Hip Packs with some of the items outlined in this blog – sunscreen, water, first aid kit, etc. – you’ll be well equipped with whatever the day throws at you. And best of all? With our modern Hip Packs in soft neutrals and splashes of color, these Hip Packs won’t be going out of style any time soon. So go ahead: stock your hip pack for spring and blaze a chic trail into summer! 

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